10 Main Causes of Underweight

What are the 10 Main Causes of Underweight

Being underweight is also a biggest problem as overweight. There are 10 main causes of underweight. In this Articles, we will discuss about different main causes of underweight and their treatments.

According to research from Krause (2000) a person will be underweight if his normal body weight will be less than 15 to 20% low.

This ratio is concerned with the height and the age of the person.

A woman would be not in underweight if she is between the age of 25 and 50 and she is 1.63 metres tall and body weight should be approximately 59 kg.

According to research If body weight Falls from 50 kg to 47 kg its mean you are in underweight.

It can be caused due to some various factors in health problems.

Here are Top 10 Main Causes of Underweight

  1. Genetics our Family Problems
  2. High Metabolism
  3. Hyperthyroidism
  4. Cancer
  5. Physical Activities
  6. Psychological Causes
  7. Diabetes
  8. HIV or AIDS
  9. Tuberculosis
  10. Some Other Factors of Underweight

Genetics our Family Problems

Some families have a rare disease which can cause due to Genetics problem. Some diseases travel through family to family. It could be the reason of underweight.


High Metabolism

High metabolism rate is another reason of having underweight. In high metabolism body start burning energy very fastly with other person.

It is also a reason that you are underweight due to high metabolism.



Hyperthyroidism is another dangerous disease which are caused due to irregular releases of hormones in thyroid. This disease can be genetic or could be caused due to many other factors.

In this disease thyroid not making too much T4, T3 or both.


Hyperthyroidism and Hyporthyroidism



One of the major disease for which many patients are fighting is the cancer. During cancer there is a lots of changes happen in patient body like rapid weight loss, nausea, lack of appetite and losing inability of gaining more weight.


Physical Activities

Physical activities or workout are the others reason of low body weight.

Most of the athletes during workout burn significant amount of calories which lead to body underweight.

Weight Loss

Psychological Causes

One of the most dangerous disease in psychology is depression which can lead to weight loss and many other problems.

It can also caused reduced appetite, tiredness and change in mood.

Any patient who are suffering from these conditions must concerned with psychiatrist or psychologist.

Psychological Causes


Menu of the diabetes patient suffer from weight and excessive weight loss.

Diabetes causes are tiredness, excessive thirst and urination which lead to body loose slowly.

Increasing Diabetes


HIV or AIDS are considered as a main reason of excessive weight loss. According to research south Africa is one of the place where HIV and AIDS ratio is high.

Most of the patient are suffering from these diseases.

If we want to test the ratio of HIV and AIDS in different regions then we can easily check body weight of different patient. With proper medication and treatment the survival rate can be increase.



Tuberculosis or TB are more common in countries like in South Africa.

Rapid weight loss , malaise, tiredness and search other diseases like coughing are the main causes of Tuberculosis.

If you found that your weight is Losing fastly you have to concern immediately to a specialist.


Other Factors of Underweight

Taking wrong medicines, excessive exercise, enzyme deficiencies and having lots of stress can cause body underweight.


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