Mental Health in Covid-19 and Depression

Mental Health in Covid-19

“Health is Wealth” is quite a Famous Proverb.

Health always indicates Mental and Physical Health, but only physical health is given much more importance. In this pandemic of Covid-19 when people were forced to stay at home and maintain social distance, they became aware of the importance of mental health.

Mental Health in Covid-19

The Boston University School of Public Health has studied that Covid-19 has tripled the Depression rate.


What is Depression?


Are you Depressed?

Depression is said to be a Mood Disorder that causes a persistent feeling of Sadness and Loss of Interest, the signs are- Fatigue, Insomnia, Hard to concentrate, Loss of Interest, Low Confidence, Low Energy, Feeling Sad.

Depression is a Mental Disorder whereas Sadness is a Human Emotion, it is absolutely okay to be sad. If the symptoms mentioned above have been for a prolonged time then it’s likely to be Depression.

Now Let’s Discuss How Covid-19 has effects on Mental Health of all Ages. Here are Some that affect Mental Health in Covid-19.

Covid19 Mental Health

  • Listening to death stories always makes you aware of how you have so much left to achieve in life. You become paranoid about everything around you and question every decision of your life.
  • You just can’t stop being worried about the dear ones. You don’t wear a mask but make sure that your father or child does. It has terrorized your thoughts, you cannot even imagine the loss of dear ones.


  • The more modern we became the busier we got. The busier we get the more miserable we think our lives have As Covid-19 has placed a lot of Challenges to carry the daily life like Wearing a Mask, Maintaining Social Distance, No Housemaids, etc.
  • As schools have been closed students are not able to get a proper education. Few students lack the resources to continue online The students who stay away from home to study are not able to return. The 2020 batch has still pending degrees and exams. Students who got placements are still not getting called to work.
  • Everybody is worried about the future income, the poor basic necessities are not fulfilled, the rich are losing a lot of money as no business is active and the middle are worried about how they will carry on their future expenditures if something happens to their Jobs.
  • Having Loads of time to yourself has also led to overthinking. You start to remember the facts you wanted to forget in life and even start to get a notion of how others portray you in their mind.

How to Overcome these Problems?

Some are Important factors that control Mental Health in Covid-19.

Mental Health in Covid-19

  • You can always talk about your problems with the near ones who listen and understand you. Sometimes all you gotta do to feel good is a rant about your problems without being Share your feelings “You are not alone”. Call on the phone, have a video chat, play games, or even hang out maintaining the social distance protocols.
  • Fresh air and sunlight can do wonders. Go out in a while, have a walk, sit under the sun, and admire the beauty of nature.
  • Exercise does almost the same job as antidepressant does, take out your yoga mate, do some push-ups, planks, crunches. Meditation is also a great way to relax and calm your Mind.
  • You have a lot of time to yourself think about the things you always wanted to do but never had time for. Explore your talents. Master your hobbies. Spend time with yourself.


  • Sometimes Helping someone else helps yourself. Help a needy, listen to someone’s problem, share someone’s pain. This gives you a feeling of purpose in life.
  • Too much of anything is never good for you, you should always stay informed about what is happening around the world but always know how much. You should always be aware of how much information needs to be taken.
  • It’s ok to consult a doctor when overwhelmed by emotion. People become self-conscious when talking about mental health, it’s like any physical disease and should not be felt ashamed about.

Mental Health in Covid-19


A Pandemic like Covid-19 has only brought light on how mental health is not given importance. Mental health counselors should be mandatory at workplaces and schools. Mental health services should be normalized whether it’s pandemic or not.

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