Top 10 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Top 10 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Many people love to eat foods which contain huge amount of sugar. There are many reasons why excessive sugar is bad for you.

In this article we are going to discuss about how excessive sugar is bad for your health and we must stop.

According to research and specialist we must eat calories with low sugar and must be less than 10% per day.

Here are top major reasons Top 10 reasons why sugar is bad for you and why we should eat less sugar which is better for health.

  1. Too much Sugar can cause Weight Gain.
  2. Risk of Cancer.
  3. Skin Aging Problems.
  4. Heart Disease.
  5. Fatty Liver.
  6. High Amount of Energy.
  7. Higher Risk of Developing Acne.
  8. Risk of Increasing Diabetes.
  9. Cells Aging.
  10. Other Diseases and Health Problems.

(Top 10 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You).

Too much Sugar can cause Weight Gain

According to report rate of opacity are causing due to gaining high amount of sugar.

Most of the products contain significant amount of sugar like juice,fruits and other dairy products.

One of the main cause of consuming high Fructose which are present in sugar is 22 your hunger and desire to eat more.

Weight Gain


Risk of Cancer

Certain cancers are also developing due to these factors. Large Intestine cancer is also caused due to obesity which caused due to how much amount of sugar in our diet.

It also cause inflammation in our body and disturb our insulin resistance. In both scenario risk of Cancer also increased.

According to report and study 430000 people has esophageal cancer of small intestine.


Skin Aging Problems

Eating high amount of sugar can also caused many skin problems like wrinkles,dark spots and cause skin aging process very fast.

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are the different compounds which are formed due to reaction between two different components like sugar and protein.

This types of compounds are taking key role in skin aging.

In womens wrinkled appear in low age due to eating low carb and high protein diet.


Skin Aging

Heart Disease

One of the main disease which cause many death worldwide are the heart diseases.

Heart diseases are also associated with our sugar level.

High sugar level can lead to high blood pressure level and other diseases like inflammation also.

Due to eating high calories of sugar study say that 38% of risk has been increased of heart diseases.

Heart Disease

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver mean there’s a high amount of fats in liver health.

If fats increase upto 5% it could be dangerous for any liver. Before leading to fatty liver we must stop drinking high amount of sugar.

Although liver is also responsible to store our Fructose into energy but excessive energy could be more dangerous for our health.

Healthy and Fatty Liver

High Amount of Energy

Energy draining can also increase blood sugar level and blood pressure also. Fluctuation in energy level is caused due to constant sugar.

It can also decrease the level of fibre and other fatty acids.

Increase blood sugar level

Higher Risk of Developing Acne

Diet which include sugary food or drinks can also lead to risk of developing acne. Acne which is caused due to skin diseases.

It is categorised into different common diseases in man and woman these are pimples, oily skin, blackhead and whitehead or other skin problems.

High amount of sugar spike blood sugar level and also cost significant increase in insulin level.They are also calling excessive oil production on different body parts.


Risk of Increasing Diabetes

From past 30 years patient and doctors are fighting with diabetes.

Although there are many causes of diabetes but they are pointing to high amount of sugar consumption.

One of the main disease which is caused due to high sugar is opacity which is the highest risk of increasing diabetes.

Increasing Diabetes

Cells Aging

Our bodies cell structure more complicated to examine.

The parts of the cells which contain our secret genetic information name Telomeres start shrinking with age.

Although this is a normal process of ageing but eating high amount of energy can accelerate more faster than as usual work.

Most of the adult eat sugary food and drinks which cause unnatural telomere shrinking which cause cells aging.

Cells Aging

Other Diseases and Health Problems

Kidney diseases, negative impact on teeth among children, risk of developing gout and Accelerate cognitive decline are the other common disease.

Health Problems


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