Top 10 Medical Inventions in 2021

Top 10 Medical Inventions in 2021

With the advancement of Technology who is see new inventions every year. Recently The Cleveland Clinic listed out top 10 medical inventions in 2021.

This year top 10 inventions in medical science has been seen. Doctors and researchers are expected to enhance progress in Healthcare with these Technologies and inventions.

Here are the top 10 inventions in Medical Science in 2021.

1. Pharmacogenomic Testing

Pharmacogenomic testing st genetic testing and determined patient how they will be react to some drugs.

This technique will also give response how individual drug metabolism work in patient.

For example a patient is advised to do opioid therapy by doctors by this technology be able to determine what changes will be done in patient before doing therapy.

For this purpose United state and your peon countries are starting using this technique in clinical work.


Pharmacogenomic Testing Cycle

2. Artificial Intelligence

True artificial intelligence medical science got success to identify some Diagnostic scans.

Doctors and specialist are working on different Technologies with AI to make a perfect Diagnostic tool to help in medical science.

Artificial Intelligence

Top Artificial Intelligence

3. Treatment of Acute Stroke

In 2018 two biggest organisation and Association from America which are American heart and stroke Association (AHA) and (ASA) has released some important news and guidelines for the treatment of acute stroke in some patient.

These two Association make a successful invention which is “Extended Window” technique.

From this invention they make a progress in Mechanical thrombectomy of infected patient with large vessel occlusion.

This treatment take 16 to 24 hours of procedures.

Acute Stroke

Treatment of Acute Stroke

4. Immunotherapy

One of the important and successful Research and inventions take place in Immunotherapy.

Doctors and researchers make a step forward in the treatment of cancer cells and tumor.

In immunotherapy immune checkpoint inhibitors have been invented for the treatment of solid tumor.

This type of invention is useful for the treatment of lung cancer such as melanoma.

Doctors has hope that this type of therapy will be work on other types of tumor.


5. 3D Printing Technology

3D printing Technology has revolutionized the new era in medical science.

Now medical science has been able to create 3D printing stuff like prosthetic body parts for the comfort of any patient.

3D printing technology is widely used in many different sectors of Medical Science like surgical planning heart surgery and face transplant.

3D Printing

3D Printing

6. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality give a new way to learn Medical Science by medical students and doctors.

In this technology all kinds of learners can learn different things like working of body parts and different organs in our body.

It is a completely computer generated visual to demonstrate different parts with audio and visually.

It also help for doctors to diagnose different diseases which simulation.

Virtual Reality

7. Stroke Visor

One of the great and important invention which was take place in 2018 by FDA is Cerebrotech Visor.

Cerebrotech Visor is a special kind of noninvasive spectroscopy device which will help you to find out when and where stroke can be happened.

This machine has the ability to find out different changes in fluids and diagnose different diseases.

This technology is powered by AI which has the ability to learn and enhance their algorithm to detect perfectly.

From this new invention doctors will be able to decrease 40% of stroke cases by detecting stroke, trauma, and swelling.

Stroke Visor

8. Robotic Surgery

In last 10 years robotic surgery are working in medical science. New robotic surgeries is introducing every year.

One of the great invention in the buttocks surgery is the da Vinci Surgical System which has the ability for the treatment of different diseases.

This system has the ability to take slightly movement and also visualized body via laparoscopy.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

9. Heart Valve Replacement

With the new technology scientist and doctors has make a positive result in heart surgery.

With new advanced tools doctors have been able to transplant Heart, change heart valve and replacement of Replacement of the aortic, mitra.

This invention helped a lot for surgeon during surgery.

Heart Valve Replacement

10. RNA Therapeutics

RNA Therapeutics is another step to fight with RNA genetic abnormality is. From this invention abnormality is can be stopped before going into function.

This type of therapy has directly in fact on antisense nucleotides and RNA interference.

From this new technology doctor will be applicable to diagnose cancer and other neurological illness which is caused due to generating problems.

RNA Therapeutics

We Hope these Top 10 Medical Inventions in 2021 will give us Positive Result for the Future.


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